What is the ambition for safety? 
How can risk be managed?
What is security?What is societal safety?


Who is responsible for safety?
What responsibility rests with the regulator? 
What responsibility rests with the regulator?
What does trust mean for safety?
What is tripartite collaboration?


What is Havtil?
What are Havtil’s duties?
What tools does Havtil possess?


What is Havtil’s responsibility?
How are the regulations structured?
What characterises the regulations?


What is supervision?
How is supervision conducted?
What happens when regulations are breached?
What does Havtil do about serious incidents?

The petroleum sector 

What is Havtil’s role?
Who can conduct petroleum operations?
What is a licensee?
What is the see-to-it duty?
What do we know about the risk level in the petroleum sector?
What is a consent?
What is an acknowledgement of compliance (AoC)?

Renewable energy production offshore 

What is Havtil’s role?
How does risk compare?

Carbon transport and storage 

What is Havtil’s role?
Why store CO₂ on the NCS?

Seabed minerals 

What is Havtil’s role?