Great agreement prevails that such tripartite collaboration represents a value which must be preserved. The Norwegian Ocean Industry Authority (Havtil) is also very committed to this form of interaction and devotes considerable resources to it.

Several arenas for tripartite collaboration have been established in the petroleum sector. Two of the most central are the Regulatory and Safety Fora.

The Safety Forum is a tripartite arena which facilitates and encourages collaboration over and debate on key HSE challenges in the petroleum sector offshore and on land.

Chaired by the director general of Havtil, the forum otherwise comprises HSE personnel, senior executives and key decision-makers from the parties in the industry. The Ministry of Energyattends as an observer.

The Regulatory Forum provides an arena for information sharing, discussion and feedback, where the aim is to develop and maintain documents which set the parameters for petroleum operations.

In this forum, the parties discuss the practical implementation and use of the regulations. Its members exchange views on the content of new or amended regulations, and experience with the operation of the regulatory regime.