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§ 31 Cessation of operations at onshore facilities

When it has been decided that the operation of onshore facilities, or parts thereof, that are not covered by a cessation plan, shall cease, the responsible party shall inform the Norwegian Ocean Industry Authority and the Norwegian Environment Agency well in advance.
In connection with cessation, the Norwegian Ocean Industry Authority can stipulate conditions to ensure that the cessation is carried out in a prudent manner.
The Norwegian Environment Agency can require a description of any measures designed to prevent possible future pollution, cf. Section 20 of the Pollution Control Act (in Norwegian only).
Section last changed: 01 July 2013

This section clarifies requirements in connection with cessation of operations outside the scope of the Petroleum Act. Information as mentioned in the first subsection, includes plans for removal or permanent securing against renewed start-up, or maintenance as if it was in ordinary operation. For pipeline systems that are permanently taken out of operation, plans for release of hydrocarbons and either securing against renewed start-up or removal are included.
Onshore facilities covered by the Petroleum Act (facilities) will always follow Section 30.