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§ 78 Collaboration on preparedness against acute pollution

Collaboration on the established emergency preparedness against acute pollution as mentioned in Section 73 and in Section 21 of the Framework Regulations, shall be regulated by agreement and at all times safeguard and be updated in relation to the total need for emergency preparedness as a result of the environmental risk associated with the petroleum activities offshore.
When deemed necessary in the event of new activities, the operator shall implement measures to ensure that the total activity does not entail unacceptable risk.
Section last changed: 01 February 2019

The total emergency preparedness shall be dynamic and suited to the needs in various areas and time periods. It may be necessary, for example, to increase the availability of resources in the Barents Sea in periods of high activity.
Measures as mentioned in the third subsection, can for example be development of a new concept or new solutions, rescheduling of activities or strengthened emergency preparedness.