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§ 21 Offshore emergency preparedness cooperation

The operator shall cooperate with operators of other production licenses to ensure necessary emergency preparedness in the areas of health, safety and the environment. When special circumstances so warrant, the Norwegian Ocean Industry Authority and the Norwegian Environment Agency can issue and stipulate conditions for such cooperation, including an order to the effect that the financing shall be a joint responsibility.
Section last changed: 17 June 2016

The section establishes a duty to cooperate on emergency preparedness as mentioned in Section 42, first subsection of the Pollution Control Act (in Norwegian only). A binding emergency preparedness cooperation that is agreed in joint emergency preparedness plans, and use of joint emergency response resources as mentioned in the first subsection, provide the most secure basis to establish, maintain and further develop emergency preparedness against acute pollution that can handle the risk of pollution, both at the facility and in the influence area for discharges from the facility.The emergency preparedness cooperation is an important precondition for optimising the composition of emergency response resources and their use.
The cooperation can be limited with regard to geography, topic and time.