Havtil works continuously to improve risk-based follow-up of activities, for which the follow-up of structural safety is a key element.

Over time, both we and the industry have paid attention to construction incidents with major accident potential, and these are included as one of the indicators in RNNP. 

In a study conducted in 2022, we focused attention on construction incidents relating to outfitting structures and the attachment of equipment (tertiary structures).  Even if a failure of such structural components does not have major accident potential, it can nevertheless have fatal consequences for individuals. Especially when it comes to falling objects.

In the latest study, DNV has identified areas that need to be strengthened, two of which are:

  • Development of best practices for the attachment of tertiary construction components, pipe supports and equipment based on NORSOK N-004 and N-005.
  • Use of more specific categories for inspection reporting and maintenance planning, such as “falling objects, personal safety barriers”. This can increase awareness and improve prioritisation in the maintenance of construction components subject to degradation and that pose a danger to individuals.

See the report for further details.