The Multi-National Audit (MNA) on Maintaining Safe Operations at Drilling Installations was carried out in 2021 following on from the NSOAF’s 2018 MNA focussing on production installations.

This MNA focused on how drilling installation Owners could demonstrate their continued safety management capability when reacting to changing market (oil prices) and other conditions (maintenance backlog, changed activity levels and challenges in recruiting and retaining personnel), before, during and after the COVID19 pandemic. NSOAF members contributed to this report through participation in the MNA.’

This report was produced by The Health and Safety and working group (NSOAF-H&S) who’s work includes contributing to

  • continuous improvement in safety and the working environment
  • harmonisation of regulatory requirements/reduction in administrative burdens
  • transfer of experience between regulators.

It otherwise pursues subjects where the regulators have common interests.

The group has concentrated particular attention to the maintenance for safe operation of mobile facilities following on from the previous audit on production operations. The mobile facilities operate high hazard operations sensitive to changing market conditions such as low oil price. The regulatory group sees the importance of safety management capability when reacting changing conditions.

This has been the basis for an audit series in 2020-2022 on the subject of maintenance for safe operation, with a common basis and questions tailored to each country’s regulations and language. The work was pursued as part of a multi-national audit programme.

The joint report describes the audit series and summarises findings and lessons learnt.

Participating countries and organizations:

  • Norway: Petroleum Safety Authority Norway/Norwegian Ocean Industry Authority (Havtil)
  • UK: Health and Safety Executive
  • Germany: LBEG Lower Saxony
  • Ireland: Commission for Regulation of Utilities
  • Netherlands: State Supervision of Mines
  • Denmark: Danish Working Environment Authority
  • Canada: Canada-Newfoundland & Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board