The incident happened during work on a first stage separator tank that was empty and prepared for interior cleaning. A person entered the tank and discovered smoke.

A general alarm was sounded, and personnel mustered as instructed. Two persons are understood to have been exposed to smoke.

Statfjord is operated by Equinor.


Havtil has decided to launch its own investigation of the incident and a team of experts is now starting work.

The investigation will include: 

  • clarifying the course of events and scope of the incident
  • assessing its actual and potential consequences
  • assessing its direct and underlying causes
  • identifying nonconformities and items for improvement with reference to regulations
  • reviewing previous investigations of similar incidents to see how measures have been followed up and what lessons the company has learned
  • applying the enforcement measures necessary to remedy any regulatory breaches
  • making the findings public
  • promoting experience transfer and learning by other actors in the petroleum sector

The investigation will be summarised in a report published at 

Assisting the police

The police will investigate the incident and have asked Havtil to provide expert assistance.