The incidents occurred on 21 May and 2 June 2024 in connection with planned diving operations at the Goliat field.

In total, three persons experienced decompression sickness. 

Vår Energi is operator for the Goliat field.

Havtil is taking these incidents very seriously and, following the decision to launch an investigation, a team of our specialists is now starting work.

The investigation will include:

  • assessing the operator’s follow-up procedures before, during and after the incidents
  • clarifying the course of events and scope of the incidents
  • assessing the actual and potential consequences
  • identifying regulatory nonconformities and items for improvement
  • applying the enforcement measures necessary to remedy any regulatory breaches
  • making the findings public
  • promoting experience transfer and learning by other actors in the petroleum sector

The investigation will be summarised in a report published at