A joint working group, established by the Safety Forum, has investigated the drivers and barriers affecting the petroleum industry’s adoption of new technologies of significance for safety and the working environment.  The group has published recommendations for facilitating more widespread adoption of new technologies. The report is available here.

The multipartite group’s 2017 report on “Health, safety and environment in the petroleum industry” and Report to the Storting (white paper) no. 12 (2017-2018) both indicated a need for increased efforts on the research and development of new technologies aimed at improving HSE.   

The report is based on four examples of new technologies where drivers and barriers to their adoption have been identified, and recommendations are made for facilitating the adoption of HSE-significant technological innovations. The recommendations are addressed to various stakeholders:

  • Operating companies
  • Major suppliers
  • Developers of new technology
  • Supervisory authorities
  • Public support schemes for HSE-related R&D for the petroleum sector
  • The Safety Forum’s member organisations