This incident occurred in the unit’s port engine room while it was moored on the Njord field in the Norwegian Sea. However, Scarabeo 5 was not connected to a well at the time.

The fire was caused by a leak in a diesel oil pipe associated with a generator, and resulted in damage to equipment.

One person was sent to hospital suffering from smoke inhalation, but could be discharged the following day.

The PSA’s investigation has identified a number of regulatory breaches, including missing and inadequate barriers which could have prevented the incident. A number of underlying technical, organisational and operational causes have contributed to the incident.

Nonconformities include fire prevention measures in the engine room, maintenance management, the system for handling emergency responses, and the system for training and drills.

In addition, the PSA’s investigation team identified improvement points related to management and systems as well as the system for following up supplier recommendations.

Scarabeo 5 is operated by Saipem SpA Norwegian Branch (Saipem).

The PSA has asked Saipem to explain how the nonconformities will be handled and for an assessment of the improvement points which have been identified.