The spill occurred during loading of crude from the Statfjord A facility to the Hilda Knutsen shuttle tanker. An estimated six-seven cubic metres of oil leaked to the sea from the loading hose.

Wind and waves quickly broke down the slick and contributed to natural dispersion of the oil in the water column.

The spill occurred as a result of corrosion in one segment of the loading hose.

The investigation has identified nonconformities related to applying for permission to deploy chemical dispersants and to deficiencies in decision processes and change management.

Statoil is operator for the Statfjord field.

The investigation was conducted jointly by the three regulatory agencies.

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway is responsible for measures intended to prevent injury to people, the environment and economic assets, including the prevention or halting of acute pollution from facilities.

The Norwegian Environment Agency’s responsibilities cover the issue of permits to enterprises pursuant to the Pollution Control Act and emergency preparedness to prevent damage to the natural environment.

The Norwegian Coastal Administration supervises the responsible polluter’s response to acute pollution in terms of halting or eliminating the pollution or limiting its environmental consequences.