The audit was conducted from 29 August to 22 September 2023.


The objective of the audit was to verify that the integrity of load-bearing structures was being safeguarded in accordance with the HSE regulations.

We also wanted to review how OKEA ensures sound management of hazard and accident situations associated with incidents that may threaten structural integrity.


No non-conformities were identified in respect of this audit, but there were five improvement points.

Improvement points:

  • The maintenance programme for load-bearing structures
  • Uncertainties related to the condition of the load-bearing structure
  • Inadequate follow-up of subcontractor for re-analyses
  • The strategy for use and maintenance of the steel jacket to safeguard its main carrying capacity in an accident situation (barrier function)
  • The maintenance programme for detection of failure modes developing in grouting compounds due to overutilisation

What happens now?

We have asked OKEA for their assessment of the improvement points identified. The reply deadline is set at 10 November 2023.