The audit was conducted between 17 and 23 February 2023.


The objective of the activity was to verify that the company’s management of materials handling and the working environment on Noble Integrator complied with the regulatory requirements.


We identified 10 non-conformities during the audit. These concerned:

  • Procedures for lifting operations
  • Operationally responsible entity for the drill floor during day time
  • MOB boat forerunners
  • Transfer of information when changing shifts and crews
  • Joint, local working environment committee (FS-AMU)
  • The safety service
  • Training related to health risks
  • Management of the psychosocial working environment
  • Overview of working environment risks and presentation of analyses
  • Non-conformity handling

We also identified five improvement points. These concerned:

  • Daily check of offshore cranes
  • Secondary evacuation route from offshore cranes
  • Pre-use checks of lifting equipment
  • Competence management
  • Materials handling of steel plates

What happens now?

We have asked Noble Drilling to report to us on how the non-conformities will be addressed, and for their assessment of the improvement points identified.