The audit was conducted on 6 September 2023.

The Irpa field is being developed using a multi-well subsea template, with the wellstream being routed through an approximately 80 km long pipe-in-pipe system for processing on the Aasta Hansteen facility.

The plan for development and operation of the Irpa field describes first use on the Norwegian Continental Shelf of a swaged pipe-in-pipe concept with thermal insulation (low U-value). The chosen solution also represents a larger pipe dimension and greater water depth than previously installed pipelines of this type.

Equinor has signed a contract with Saipem for the installation design, fabrication, installation using S-method and completion (pre-commissioning) of the production pipeline. The pipe-in-pipe fabrication is scheduled to start in 2024. Auditing of the pipe-in-pipe fabrication will be carried out as a separate activity for which the schedule will be determined in dialogue with Equinor.


The objective of the audit was to ensure that the design and fabrication of the Irpa production pipeline complies with requirements in the HSE regulations and standards, and Equinor’s own requirements, and to ensure compliance with their supervisory duty in the execution of project deliveries.


No non-conformities or improvement points were identified during the audit.