The audit was conducted from 31 May to 7 June 2022.


The objective of the audit was to monitor that Repsol, along with their suppliers, are meeting the regulatory requirements relating to the management of planning, risk assessment and performance of drilling and well operations at Yme. We wanted to verify that well design and recompletion are ensuring that well integrity is safeguarded for the life cycle of the wells. We also wanted to ensure that there were robust and systematic planning processes, where sufficient and relevant competence and relevant actors are included when risk factors related to well design and drilling and well operations are identified and addressed. In addition, measures relating to the follow-up of wellhead fatigue for the Yme Gamma wells ensuing from the consent process were checked.


Two non-conformities were identified, concerning:

  • Management of responsibilities and authority in the D&C (Drilling & Completion) Norway department
  • Analysis of changes before implementation of a global organisational model in the Drilling and Completion department

Five improvement points were also identified. These concerned:

  • Follow-up of requirements for well control competence among offshore drilling and well service personnel
  • The offshore management system
  • Governing documents
  • Operational changes
  • Incident reporting

What happens now?

We have asked Repsol to report to us by 1 September 2022 on how the non-conformities will be addressed, and to give us their assessment of the improvement points observed.