The audit was conducted from 13 to 16 June 2022.


The objective of the activity was to monitor how the company complies with the regulatory requirements for electrical facilities, and work in and operation of electrical facilities. We also monitored how the "Responsible person for the electrical facilities" role was fulfilled, as well as incidents and challenges relating to this domain and relevant barrier functions.


The audit identified non-conformities in the following areas:

  • The explosion protection document
  • Ignition source control
  • Planning and assessment of the risk of weaknesses in the emergency power supply
  • Emergency lighting installation
  • Surveys and assessments
  • Control room
  • Follow-up of temporary equipment
  • Electrical installations
  • Work in and operation of electrical facilities
  • Protection against energisation
  • Involvement of the "responsible person"

What happens now?

We have asked Equinor to report to us by 7 October 2022 on how the non-conformities will be addressed.