The audit was conducted on 4 and 5 May 2022.


In the period September 2020 to April 2021, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway investigated the causes of the challenges in completing Johan Castberg’s hull and equipment.

The investigation identified non-conformities related to risk reduction, management of project execution, qualification and follow-up of the contractor and the application of experience in dimensioning own follow-up.

Based on the investigation, we ordered Equinor to review its systems for identifying risk in critical deliveries and for dimensioning its follow-up of suppliers to its projects, and to implement the necessary measures.

Equinor's own review provides recommendations for learning related to prequalification and evaluation of tenderers, follow-up of the construction site, recruitment, dimensioning and team development, and risk management.


The objective of the audit was to verify Equinor's implementation of measures in the management of projects and to shed light on the extent and means by which the measures improve the management of project execution, including changes in the management system for risk management in projects, changes in the project management system related to resource allocation, construction site follow-up, etc.

We also wanted to shed light on changes in the management system for qualification and evaluation of tenderers. We wanted to look at the Project Development Center's role in supporting projects and the Learning Forum for Projects.

In the audit, we verified whether previously issued orders and identified non-conformities have been addressed in compliance with the company's previous feedback to us.


The audit did not identify any non-conformities or improvement points.