The audit was conducted in May 2022.


The objective of the audit was to investigate how Equinor works to avoid the use of the wrong gasket materials in the construction, start-up and operational phase of the facilities, using Gina Krog as an example.


The audit identified one regulatory non-conformity. This concerned procedural design. We also observed one factor that we have chosen to categorize as an improvement point. This applied to the collection, processing and use of data.

Follow-up of previous non-conformities

In the audit, we also investigated how Equinor has rectified certain previously identified non-conformities.

We found that the following non-conformities had not been fully addressed in line with the company’s feedback:

  • Non-conformity concerning “Deficiencies in information sharing” from chapter 5.1.3 of the report following the audit of “Equinor’s handling of an incident involving a gas leak from a flow line on 5 March 2020” dated 6 April 2021, our journal entry 2020/2051.

What happens now?

We have asked Equinor to report on whether the non-conformity we identified is relevant for other facilities and on how this will be addressed. We have also asked for an assessment of the improvement point observed. Furthermore, we have asked Equinor to initiate a meeting with us for a review of the previously identified non-conformity that has not been fully addressed in line with the company's feedback.

The deadline for this is set at 1 September 2022.