The audit was conducted from 17 March to 29 April 2021.


The objective of the audit was to assess how Wintershall Dea ensures compliance with regulatory requirements concerning the management of major accident risk and barriers at Brage.

We wanted to assess how the company maintains an overview and control of conditions that may:

  • affect the risk of a major accident, and/or
  • contribute to the development and escalation of an incident into a major accident


Non-conformities were identified within the following systems and areas:

  • Non-conformity handling
  • Classification of equipment
  • Process safety of the water injection system

Furthermore, improvement points were identified in the following systems and areas:

  • Basis for evaluation of maintenance efficiency
  • System for handling safety-critical information from studies
  • Facility-specific competence, training and exercises

Follow-up of non-conformities

In the audit, we also investigated how Wintershall Dea has rectified some previously identified non-conformities.

The following non-conformity was found to have not been addressed in line with the company's feedback of 13 December 2017:

What happens now?

We have asked Wintershall Dea to report on how the non-conformities will be addressed. We have also requested their assessment of the improvement points observed. The deadline for this is set at 15 August 2021.