The audit was carried out from 21 to 24 June 2021.


The objective of the audit was to verify through discussions and verifications that Saipem's management of maritime systems on Scarabeo 8 complied with relevant regulations.


Non-conformities were identified relating to:

  • Operational activities in security condition
  • Control panel for watertight closures
  • Mechanical closure of watertight sliding doors
  • Weathertight sliding doors
  • Function following failure of watertight sliding doors
  • Secondary control level
  • Failure mode for ballast valves
  • Ballast control systems

In addition, improvement points were identified relating to:

  • Freeboard plan
  • Load securing

What happens next?

We have asked Saipem to report on how the non-conformities will be addressed. The company has also been asked for its assessment of the improvement points observed. The deadline for this is set at 27 August 2021.