On 16 September 2019, we carried out an audit of Rowan and its management of drilling and structural safety on the Rowan Norway mobile facility.

During the audit, the facility was in the process of being prepared for work on the Tor field in the North Sea, where ConocoPhillips is the operator.


The objective of the audit was to verify that Rowan’s management within selected areas complied with regulatory and internal requirements.


Four non-conformities were identified relating to:

  • Labelling
  • Storage of radioactive sources
  • Storage of explosives
  • Maintenance of drilling equipment

In addition, five improvement points were identified in connection with:

  • Training
  • Employee participation
  • Marine fouling
  • Wave data
  • Centre of gravity envelope

What happens next?

Rowan has been given a deadline of 6 December 2019 to report on how the non-conformities and improvement points will be addressed.