From 16 to 20 September 2019, we carried out an audit of Gassco relating to electrical facilities and associated installations on the Draupner facilities.

Draupner S and Draupner E are located in block 16/11 in the North Sea and are an important hub for the gas pipeline network on the NCS.

Gassco is the operator of the facilities and employs Equinor ASA (Equinor) as a technical service provider (TSP).


The objective of the audit was to monitor how Gassco and its TSP comply with the technical, operational and organisational regulations for electrical facilities and associated installations. The objective was to monitor the company’s work on barrier elements relating to ignition source control, ventilation (HVAC), emergency power and emergency lighting.


The audit detected 12 non-conformities. These concerned:

  • The operator role and competence
  • Responsible person for the electrical facilities
  • Non-conformity handling
  • Ignition source control
  • Ventilation systems
  • Emergency power system
  • Emergency lighting
  • Technical conditions and operating life
  • Electrotechnical system analyses and information for relevant users
  • Maintenance programme
  • Practice, exercises and training
  • Work in and operation of electrical facilities

We also identified an improvement point concerning start-up and operation of a new emergency power system.

The PSA gave Gassco a notification of order on 6 November 2019.

Pursuant to that notice, the following order has now been issued to Gassco:

Pursuant to the Framework Regulations, section 69 concerning administrative decisions, with reference to the Framework Regulations, sections 7 concerning responsibilities pursuant to these regulations and 12 concerning organisation and competence, with reference to the Management Regulations, sections 5 concerning barriers and 14 concerning manning and competence, we order Gassco AS to:

Develop a realistic and binding plan to ensure the following:

  1. Perform a review of the Draupner facilities to ensure that necessary technical, operational and organisational measures have been taken to reduce the risk of ignition as far as possible, with reference to chapter 5.1.4. of the report.
  2. Ensure that Gassco possesses at all times the necessary professional competence concerning electrical facilities, with reference to chapter 5.1.1 of the report.

The deadline for compliance with the order is 15 January 2020.