Within materials handling, the objective was to carry out an audit of the company’s management within this field.

Within the working environment, the objective was to verify that the company’s management of working environment risk for its own employees and contractors was in compliance with the regulations.

During the audit, we focused attention on working environment risk liable to cause damage to health and serious illness, including benzene exposure, as well as exposure to noise and factors that may increase the risk of musculoskeletal disorders.

In addition, we followed up the company’s arrangements for genuine employee participation.

In the audit, we also reviewed previously identified non-conformities in order to verify that they had been addressed in accordance with the company’s feedback.


Non-conformities were identified relating to:

  • Risk of noise-induced hearing damage
  • Risk of chemical exposure
  • Risk of musculoskeletal disorders
  • Time necessary for safety work
  • Access to offshore crane
  • Deck gratings in gangways and deck areas
  • Materials handling
  • Offshore cranes
  • Launching arrangements for Veslefrikk A
  • Maintenance of unsecured lifting equipment
  • Maintenance of guardrails
  • Performance of lifting operations

No improvement points were identified.

What happens next?

Equinor has been given a deadline of 18 August 2019 to report on how the non-conformities will be addressed.