We conducted an audit of Total’s Martin Linge development from 28 to 30 March 2017..

Martin Linge is being developed with a fixed fully integrated production facility supported on a steel jacket, and a floating storage and offloading (FSO) unit for oil storage.

The production facility is being fabricated at Samsung’s yard in South Korea, which is where the audit took place.


The purpose of the audit was to follow up that Total, in collaboration with the players in the development project, is complying with the assumptions in the plan for development and operation (PDO), relevant regulations and standards, and its own requirements.

Particular attention was devoted to Total’s follow-up of the conduct and commissioning of the installation work concerning plant, systems and equipment related to the subject of the audit. Furthermore, we took a closer look at work on implementing and manifesting the barrier strategy and performance requirements, as well as results from testing and verifying systems and equipment.


The audit identified several breaches of the regulations, and we are giving Total one order to the company on that basis.

Nonconformities were identified during the audit relating to:

  • Maintenance management and preservation
  • Electrical facilities – technical conditions
  • Oil collection system for transformers
  • Low-voltage switchboards
  • Work on and operation of electrical installations
  • Barrier management
  • Verification of performance requirements
  • Follow-up
  • Management.

Furthermore, improvement points were identified in relation to:

  • Response time for deluge
  • Design report for active fire-extinguishing systems
  • Test procedures for emergency lighting
  • Marking of plant, systems and equipment.

We have invited Total to explain how these nonconformities will be dealt with and to provide its assessment of the improvement points.