From 26 to 29 June 2017, we carried out a major accident audit and an audit of electrical facilities at Hammerfest LNG onshore facility in Finnmark county, where Statoil ASA (Statoil) is the operator.

The audit was conducted through meetings, interviews, document reviews, verifications and functional testing at the facility. The responsible person for the electrical facilities had a key role in respect of the performance of the audit.


The objective was to verify that relevant regulatory provisions were being met. We paid particular attention to how Statoil is working to ensure that electrical facilities meet, at all times, the requirements of the petroleum regulations. Maintenance management, especially of safety-critical equipment, was also an important focus area.

Our main impression of Statoil's work on major accidents and electrical facilities was a positive one. Good standards were recorded for electrical installations in the areas inspected. The company appeared to have a strong focus on operational factors in work on and operation of electrical facilities. A sound systematic approach was also observed in the company's delegation of tasks within the electrical facilities domain.


The PSA did however register regulatory non-conformities and improvement points. The audit identified non-conformities relating to door monitoring of electrical substations, emergency lighting, the maintenance system and non-conformity handling.

In addition, improvement points were identified relating to procedures within work on and operation of electrical facilities, electrical facilities – technical conditions, routines for temporary equipment, manning and maintenance backlogs in the electrical facilities domain, combined overview of risks and deficient investigations for preventing recurrence of hazard and accident situations.

We have asked Statoil to report on how the non-conformities will be addressed, and for their assessment of the improvement points observed, by 31 August 2017.