The audit was conducted from 12 to 15 May 2014.


The objective of the audit was for the companies to demonstrate to the PSA that a functional management system and associated work processes have been established to help safeguard well control. We wanted to verify how loss of well barriers and the risk of loss of well control are identified and handled, and that assessments, decisions and measures linked to a well-control incident will be carried out, so that the conditions in the well can be normalised with the least possible risk.


During the audit, one non-conformity was identified relating to exhaust pollution (Odfjell).

In addition, eight improvement points were identified concerning:

  • Role clarifications for third-party personnel linked to well control (Lundin)
  • Training and exercises linked to well control (Lundin and Odfjell)
  • Use of empirical data (Lundin and Odfjell)
  • Barrier management (Odfjell)
  • Quality assurance of documents (Lundin and Odfjell)
  • Follow-up of measures linked to human-machine interface (Odfjell)
  • Follow-up of working environment conditions (Odfjell)
  • Follow-up of lifting equipment (Odfjell)

What happens now?

We have asked Odfjell and Lundin to report by 22 August 2014 on how the non-conformity will be addressed and to provide us with an assessment of the improvement points.