The audit was conducted in the form of meetings with relevant personnel from North Atlantic Drilling. The audit emphasised the company's own follow-up of the alarm system linked to the drilling operations and associated competence. The activity was connected with the PSA's prioritisation of barrier management.


The purpose of the audit was to monitor how North Atlantic Drilling ensures that alarm systems meet relevant statutory requirements, recognised international standards and guidelines, and the company's own requirements and policies.


The audit was carried out as planned and was well organised on North Atlantic Drilling's part. The PSA's observations are based on documents received, the presentations made, and matters that emerged from discussions with the parties involved. In addition, analyses were made of alarm logs from the drilling control room on West Elara which we received prior to the audit meeting.

During the audit, we identified one non-conformity relating to deficient routines for establishing and following up the alarm system's performance as an active barrier against potential incidents. We also identified an improvement point concerning the management of weakened protection of the drilling control system against ICT threats.