Photo of Floatel Superior
Photo: Floatel International

On 22 December 2010, Floatel International AB received the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway's (PSA's) Acknowledgement of Compliance (AoC) for the mobile living quarters facility Floatel Superior.

Floatel Superior is a dynamic positioning (DP-3) semi-submersible facility with a living quarters module astern and an open work deck forward.

The flotel can accommodate 440 people in single cabins when it operates on the Norwegian shelf.

The facility is a new construction and was delivered in March 2010 by Keppel FELS (Shipyard Road) in Singapore. The facility has been in operation for a short time in Australia.

Floatel Superior (above) is operated by Floatel International AB in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Floatel Superior and relevant parts of Floatel International's organisation and management system are considered to be in accordance with relevant regulatory requirements for the petroleum activities.

The decision is based on information provided in the AoC application relating to the facility's technical condition and the applicant's organisation and management system, as well as the authorities' verifications and other processing.

The validity of this Acknowledgement of Compliance is conditional on Floatel International ensuring that the facility and relevant parts of the company's organisation and management system are maintained, so that terms and assumptions in the PSA's decision are safeguarded.