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§ 30 Information on follow-up of hazard and accident situations

Until situations as mentioned in Section 29, first and third subsections regarding notification of serious or acute hazard and accident situations are normalised, the operator shall keep the supervisory authorities continuously updated on the development, and of the measures it plans to implement.
Before the normalisation is concluded following serious or acute hazard and accident situations, the supervisory authorities shall be notified.
The supervisory authorities shall be notified if, after the normalisation, information comes to light that shows that the hazard and accident situation was more serious than previously reported.
In the event of action against acute pollution from facilities and offshore vessels, the operator shall ensure that the action plan as mentioned in Section 79 of the Activities Regulations, is submitted to the Norwegian Coastal Administration as soon as possible.
Reports of environmental surveys following acute pollution, cf. Section 58 of the Activities Regulations, shall be submitted to the Norwegian Environment Agency and the Norwegian Coastal Administration as soon as they are available.
Section last changed: 01 January 2016

Independent of the update of the Norwegian Ocean Industry Authority as mentioned in the first subsection, the Main Rescue Coordination Centre should also be informed about developments in the evacuation, rescue and response phases.
Notification of the supervisory authorities under the second subsection should include causal relations and the company’s plans for start-up. As regards actions against acute pollution, the report should include results of mapping of acute pollution in accordance with Section 57 of the Activities Regulations. The Norwegian Coastal Administration is the supervisory authority for actions against acute pollution. The supervisory authorities can require the operator to apply for a new consent pursuant to Section 25, second subsection.
The Norwegian Coastal Administration and the Norwegian Environment Agency have different tasks associated with the follow-up of acute pollution from the petroleum activities. The results of the environmental survey in accordance with Section 58 of the Activities Regulations is an important basis for the follow-up of incidents in both public bodies. Hence, reports of environmental surveys in the event of acute pollution shall be submitted to both the Norwegian Coastal Administration and the Norwegian Environment Agency.