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§ 79 Action against acute pollution

In the event of action against acute pollution, an action plan shall be prepared as soon as possible. The first version of the plan shall be available no later than two hours after the action management has been established. The plan shall be regularly updated through all action phases.
In the event of action against acute pollution, various response alternatives shall be evaluated, and the combination of measures that results in the lowest strain on the environment in total, shall be chosen. For the use of dispersants and beach-cleaning agents during action against acute pollution, refer to Chapter 19 of the Pollution Regulations (in Norwegian only).
In the event of mechanical combatting, the storage capacity for collected oil shall be sufficient, allowing the action to be performed in an optimal manner.
The action shall not be terminated before the situation is normalised as mentioned in Section 77 litera e, and this is documented.
Section last changed: 01 January 2017

When preparing the plan as mentioned in the first subsection, the basis should be the emergency preparedness action plans, cf. Section 76.
As mentioned in Section 30 of the Management Regulations, the plans for action against acute pollution shall be submitted to the Norwegian Coastal Administration.
In the event of action against acute pollution, both mechanical and chemical alternatives shall be considered. Chemical combatting shall be used if this, overall, results in the lowest strain on the environment, cf. the Pollution Regulations (in Norwegian only) Chapter 19.
Documentation as mentioned in the fourth subsection, means a clarification of
  1. measures taken,
  2. results from mapping, cf. Section 57, and environmental surveys in connection with acute pollution, cf. Section 58,
  3. damage or negative consequences to the environment,
  4. criteria for concluding measures.