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§ 23 Continuous improvement

The responsible party shall continuously improve health, safety and the environment by identifying the processes, activities and products in need of improvement, and implementing necessary improvement measures. The measures shall be followed up and the effects evaluated.
The individual employee shall be encouraged to actively identify weaknesses and suggest solutions, cf. Section 15 of the Framework Regulations.
Applying experience from own and others' activities shall be facilitated in the improvement work.
Section last changed: 01 January 2011

Identification as mentioned in the first subsection, can be based in part on the results of analyses and surveys, investigation of hazard and accident situations, handling of nonconformities, experience gained from internal follow-up or experience gained by others.
For requirements as regards implementing improvements, cf. also Section 11 and Section 13. See also the following standards: NS-EN ISO 9000, Chapter 2.3.5 and NS-EN ISO 9004, Chapter 11.2.
Applying experience as mentioned in the third subsection, can e.g. include information on faults and defects, as well as examples of good problem-solving and practices.