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§ 37 Programme for and information on drilling and well activities

The responsible party shall ensure that the programme for and information on drilling and well activities are submitted to the Norwegian Ocean Industry Authority in accordance with deadlines stipulated by the Norwegian Ocean Industry Authority.
Section last changed: 01 January 2011

The deadlines for submittal as mentioned in this section, will normally be as follows:
  1. for the main plan for drilling and well activities for development well: deadline for PDO, cf. Guidelines to the plan for development and operation of a petroleum deposit (PDO) and plan for installation and operation of facilities for transport and for utilisation of petroleum (PIO) Chapter 5.13,
  2. for programmes for exploration and appraisal drilling activities: nine weeks before start-up with a requirement for consent as mentioned in Section 25, third subsection, literas a and b, as well as litera d if the facility is used to carry out drilling or well activities, cf. Section 26, fifth subsection, litera a,
  3. for general plans for drilling and well activities: monthly,
  4. for programmes for temporary or permanent plugback of exploration or development wells in the event of labour disputes: within four days after notice of the final extent of the collective work stoppage is given in labour disputes as mentioned in Section 39,
  5. for final reports on technical drilling experiences, including experiences with permanent plugging and abandonment, and on HSE experiences following completed drilling and well activities: no later than three months after the activity ends, cf. NORSOK D-010 Chapter 5.10 and 5.11.
  6. for information about plans for drilling activities that require more than one (1) relief well, cf. Section 86, second subsection, of the Activities Regulations: no later than three months before planned start-up of the activity.