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§ 61 Announcement of safety zones

The operator shall ensure necessary public announcement well in advance of the establishment of a safety zone. Such announcements shall be published in 'Etterretninger for sjøfarende' ('Notifications to Seafarers') and fishery publications, and shall conform with procedures stipulated by the Ministry of Labour and Social Inclusion.
Announcements shall contain information about the safety zone and the applicable prohibitions or restrictions. The zone's location, extent and duration, together with possible marking and other necessary information shall also be stated.
Cancellation of a safety zone shall be announced in a corresponding manner.
Section last changed: 17 June 2016

Official publication of a safety zone shall, as a rule, be submitted to the Norwegian Hydrographic Service at least 30 days before the zone is established. The Norwegian Hydrographic Service will ensure official publication in ”Etterretninger for Sjøfarende" (Notifications to seafarers). In the event of accident situations, official publication of safety zones shall takes place via "National coordinator", through the Norwegian Coastal Administration.
Safety zones that shall be maintained over a longer period of time will be marked on charts.
Positions will be indicated with UTM coordinates and geographical coordinates.
What shall be included in the official publication, is specified in more detail in a separate registration form.