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§ 54 Temporary exclusion and hazard area

In the event of hazard and accident situations that can lead to personal injury or loss of human lives, serious pollution, major material damage or substantial shutdown of production, the Ministry of Labour and Social Inclusion can establish temporary exclusion or hazard areas, to the extent considered necessary to prevent or limit the mentioned harmful effects.
Section last changed: 17 June 2016

Temporary exclusion and hazard areas established in connection with hazard and accident situations, will be measures of a short-term character to prevent an escalation of a relevant situation, and to ensure sufficient safety and calm surrounding such situations.
Establishment of temporary exclusion and hazard areas according to this section is not regulated by the United Nation Law of the Sea Convention Article 60 and will, hence, not come under the 500-metre limit. Duration and geographical extent of such temporary exclusion and hazard areas and the detailed content of the prohibition in such areas, shall be proportionally based and not surpass the needs of the concrete situation.