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§ 35 Right of the responsible safety delegate to stop dangerous work

The responsible safety delegate can, pursuant to Section 6-3 of the Working Environment Act, demand that a work operation or work process be halted by the person responsible for the operation or process. The operation or work shall stop immediately if the safety delegate does not accept the implementation of alternative measures.
Section last changed: 01 January 2011

Reference is made to Section 6-3 of the Working Environment Act, which stipulates rules regarding the safety delegate's right to stop dangerous work.
The responsible safety delegate in the affected safety area shall present the requirement to stop work to the party responsible for the relevant work operation or process. This party will take the appropriate action to stop work. The consequences of erroneous exercise of the right to stop work can be significant. Therefore, it is important that established procedures for how to stop work are followed.
For cases belonging to a limited safety area, the area safety delegate will be the "responsible safety delegate". Problems or hazards could occur that do not belong in a particular safety area, but which involve several or all areas. In such cases, the main safety delegate will be considered the responsible safety delegate.
Reference is made to Section 29 of the supplementary Management Regulations, which stipulates the requirement to notify the Norwegian Ocean Industry Authority if a demand is made to stop the work.