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§ 69 Administrative decisions

The Ministry of Labour and Social Inclusion, the Ministry of Climate and Environment, the Ministry of Health and Care Services, the Norwegian Directorate of Health, the supervisory authorities as mentioned in Section 67 or other designated authority can make the administrative decisions necessary to enforce the provisions stipulated in these regulations and supplementary regulations, with the specifications that follow from Section 67.
Section last changed: 17 June 2016

Mainly, administrative decisions will be made by the Norwegian Ocean Industry Authority, the Norwegian Environment Agency and the Norwegian Board of Health Supervision in Rogaland, and not by the ministries.
As regards administrative reactions in the event of violations by the individual health professionals of provisions directed towards health personnel, reference is made to Chapter 11 of the Health Personnel Act (in Norwegian only). It follows from Section 5 of the Act relating to government supervision of the health service (in Norwegian only) (the Supervision Act) that if activities within the health service are operated in a manner that can have harmful impact on patients or others, or in some other manner is unfortunate or irresponsible, the Norwegian Board of Health Supervision can order the conditions corrected. In principle, this order authority also includes activities carried out by the operator and others within the health service. In practice, the Norwegian Board of Health Supervision's exercise of authority pursuant to Section 5 of the Supervision Act (in Norwegian only) and Section 69 of these regulations, will be coordinated.