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§ 12 Organisation and competence

The operator shall have an organisation in Norway that, on an independent basis, is capable of ensuring that petroleum activities are carried out in accordance with the regulations.
The responsible party shall ensure that everyone who carries out work on its behalf in activities covered by these regulations, has the competence necessary to carry out such work in a prudent manner.
The Norwegian Ocean Industry Authority can, through administrative decisions or regulations, require changes to the organisation of petroleum activities, including the composition and number of personnel.
The first and third subsections apply to the onshore facilities insofar as they are covered by the scope of the Petroleum Act.
Section last changed: 01 January 2011

The requirement in the first subsection entails that the operator shall at all times have the necessary professional competence to assess whether the petroleum activities are prudent.
The purpose of the second subsection is to ensure that everyone working in the enterprise is qualified to carry out the work in a prudent manner, cf. e.g. Section 9-7 of the Petroleum Act. More detailed requirements are provided for competence in the supplementary regulations, see the Management Regulations, the Activities Regulations and the Technical and Operational Regulations.
The legal basis for the third subsection is not limited to the operator's own organisation, but applies to the entire organisation of the petroleum activities under the relevant operator, including contractors and others.