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§ 8 Employer's duties toward employees other than its own

The individual employers who carry out simultaneous activities at the same workplace, shall cooperate in complying with the provisions stipulated in these regulations, cf. Section 2-2, first subsection of the Working Environment Act. They shall also inform each other and their own employees of risk factors in the workplace. The employers shall ensure that employees from other companies carrying out work in the employers' activities, have received the necessary instruction in managing the safety and health risks associated with the work.
The principal undertaking is responsible for coordinating the individual enterprise's safety and working environment efforts and is specifically obligated to:
  1. ensure that routines are established for exchange of information between the various employee groups in the workplace,
  2. ensure that all employees have an assigned safety delegate in the workplace, and that they are given the opportunity to bring issues to the attention of the working environment committee,
  3. ensure that safety delegates and safety and health personnel are sufficiently familiar with the operations in the workplace, and
  4. ensure that violations of relevant provisions in the Working Environment Act and supplementary regulations are pointed out and corrected.
Section last changed: 01 January 2011

The provision supplements Section 2-2, first subsection of the Working Environment Act.
Enterprise as mentioned in this section, means the same as in the Working Environment Act, which means that the term is almost synonymous with company.
Ensure as mentioned in the second subsection, literas b and c, means that the principal undertaking has a coordination responsibility for the mentioned circumstances. This is a continuation of current law under the Working Environment Act. The duty to ensure in litera d entails e.g. that offences as mentioned in litera d shall be pointed out and corrected if the principle undertaking is aware of them. The duty can be fulfilled through inspections at the workplace.