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§ 66 Loading and offloading systems

Loading and offloading systems for oil and chemicals shall be designed such that the risk of polluting the external environment is acceptable, cf. Section 9 of the Management Regulations.
Section last changed: 01 January 2011

Hose connections in loading and unloading facilities should be of the quick-release, self-closing type in the event of overloads.
Loading hoses for loading and unloading from supply vessels should be equipped with floats.
In order to fulfil the requirement relating to design of loading and unloading facilities on floating production, storage and offloading facilities (FPSOs) and floating storage units (FSOs and FSUs), DNV-OS-E201 Chapter 2 Section 12, and Section 35 of the Norwegian Maritime Authority’s Regulations relating to mobile offshore facilities with production technical plants and equipment should be used.
The design of the stern on FPSOs, FSOs and FSUs should conform to the NORSOK N-001 standard.