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§ 52 Cementing unit

The cementing unit shall be designed such that it mixes, stores and delivers the correct volume of cement with necessary properties to ensure proper anchoring and barrier integrity. The unit shall be designed such that residues of both unmixed chemicals and mixed cement are handled in accordance with the principles of the Pollution Control Act (in Norwegian only).
In the event the cementing unit with associated systems shall function as a replacement unit for the drilling fluid system, it shall have sufficient capacity and working pressure to be able to control the well pressure at all times.
Section last changed: 01 January 2011

For general requirements related to design of chemical plants, see Section 15.
In order to fulfil the requirement regarding cementing units, the NORSOK D-001 standard Chapters 5 and 6 and Appendices A, B and C should be used in the area of health, working environment and safety, with the following additions:
  1. the cementing unit and the cementing head should be designed for remote operation.
For mobile facilities that are registered in a national ship register, DNV-OS-E101 Chapter 2, Section 5, Paragraph 7.4 may be used as an alternative.