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§ 15 Chemicals and chemical exposure

Chemicals and technical solutions shall be chosen that prevent harmful chemical influences on people and the environment, and which reduce the need for use of chemicals.
When choosing, designing and placing installations for storage, use, recovery and destruction of chemicals, the following shall be considered:
  1. health and safety of personnel,
  2. corrosion and other forms of material decomposition,
  3. fire and explosion hazards,
  4. risk of pollution.
Section last changed: 01 January 2013

This section covers technical provisions to reduce acute and prolonged chemical exposure related to transport, transfer, use and disposal of chemicals. The section also covers processes that emit chemical components.
To fulfil the requirements for technical solutions that prevent harmful chemical influences on people as mentioned in the first subsection, the NORSOK S-002 standard, Chapters 6.1, 6.2.9, 6.3, 7.5, 7.7.2 and A.2 and A.7 in Annex A should be used.
To fulfil the requirements related to design and location of installations for storage and use as mentioned in the second subsection, the NORSOK P-002 standard, Chapter 20 should be used in the area health, working environment and safety.
For design and location as regards fire and explosion hazard as mentioned in the second subsection litera c, reference is made to Section 5 and the Regulations relating to explosive substances (in Norwegian only) Chapter 7.
Regulations laid down by the Ministry of Labour and Social Inclusion 6 December 2011, pursuant to the Working Environment Act, and entering into force 1 January 2013, contain further provisions on soluble chromium VI in cement. Clarification of the scope is directly evident from the individual regulations. In addition, reference is made to the lawmirror (in Norwegian only) of the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority, in which the requirement of the regulations that are being repealed upon entering into force of the new regulations in pursuance of the Working Environment Act, are included.
The Norwegian Shipowners' Association Norm for physical-chemical working environment on mobile facilities built before 1 August 1995 and operating on the Norwegian shelf (in Norwegian only) can be used as an alternative to NORSOK S-002 for the areas covered by the norm.