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§ 44 Means of evacuation

Personnel on facilities shall be able to evacuate quickly and efficiently to a safe area under all weather conditions, cf. Section 77, litera d of the Activities Regulations.
The choice of means of evacuation, their placement and protection shall be based on the defined hazard and accident situations, cf. Section 73 of the Activities Regulations.
Free-fall lifeboats, supplemented by rescue chutes and associated life rafts shall be used as means of evacuation for evacuation to sea.
Section last changed: 01 January 2014

To fulfil the requirements for evacuation and means of evacuation as mentioned in the first, second and third subsections, the NORSOK S-001 standard Chapter 22 should be used.
Major modifications or changes in the prerequisites for use for the facility may entail that lifeboats and escape chutes as mentioned in the third subsection, shall be installed.
DNVGL-ST-E406 should be used in the design of free-fall lifeboats.
Dimensioning of hulls and superstructures on lifeboats should be based on control of the limit states as given in ISO 19900, DNVGL-OS-C101 or NORSOK N-001.