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§ 6 Design of simpler facilities

Simpler facilities shall be designed to fulfil the requirements for acceptable risk, cf. Section 9 of the Management Regulations. A prudent working environment and satisfactory hygienic conditions shall also be facilitated during stays on the facility.
Where these regulations describe specific solutions for manned facilities, simpler solutions can be chosen for simpler facilities than those prescribed, provided these solutions can be proven satisfactory through special assessments.
Correspondingly, simpler solutions than those recommended in the guidelines for the provisions in these regulations, can be considered.
The facility shall be designed so that the need for crew and number of visits is as low as possible.
Section last changed: 01 January 2011

To the first subsection: When vessels are included as an integral part of the development solution, the vessel and the simpler facility constitute one risk-related unit when the two units are connected together.
Specific assessments as mentioned in the second subsection, mean assessments of the overall risk for all activities related to operation and maintenance of the facilities, including transport of materials, supplies and persons as well as evacuation, cf. Section 17 of the Activities Regulations.
Examples of specific solutions as mentioned in the second subsection, can be Sections 14, 32, 37, 41 and 44.
Examples of sections where simpler solutions than those indicated in the guidelines as mentioned in the third subsection can be considered, can be Sections 20, 33 and 40.