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§ 89 Remote operation of pipes and work strings

Remotely operated systems shall be used for handling pipes and work strings, cf. Section 33.
Limitations shall be set for the personnel's access to the work area for remotely controlled systems.
There shall be visual contact and radio communication between personnel when using remotely operated pipe handling, cf. Section 92, second subsection.
Section last changed: 01 January 2018

In order to fulfil the requirement for remote-operated pipe handling, Norwegian Oil and Gas’ guideline No. 081 should be used. For information, see also Section 69 of the Facilities Regulations.
The requirement regarding limitations as mentioned in the second subsection, implies, inter alia, that the work area for the remote-operated systems shall be determined.
Personnel as mentioned in the third subsection, means those manning the control and monitoring functions, and personnel staying inside the work area of these systems. The personnel should be able to have corresponding contact and communication among themselves.