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§ 36 Chemical health hazard

The employer shall ensure that hazardous chemical exposure during storage, use, handling and disposal of chemicals, and during operations and processes that produce chemical components, is avoided.
The action values and threshold values in Regulations relating to action values and threshold values (in Norwegian only) shall be corrected by means of a safety factor of 0.6 for a working period of twelve hours, and for persons found to be working under heightened pressure, a safety factor of 0.2 shall apply, except for CO and CO2.
Section last changed: 01 January 2018

In order to avoid exposure as mentioned in the first subsection, the Regulations relating to conduct of work should be used.
As regards CO and CO2 as mentioned in second subsection, the NORSOK U-100N standard, Chapters and, should be used. In addition, special consideration should be given to potential release of, from materials under high pressure, chemical substances that are detrimental to health.
For information, see also Section 15 of the Facilities Regulations.