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§ 23 Ergonomic design

Work areas and work equipment shall be designed and placed in such way that the employees are not subjected to adverse physical or mental strain as a result of manual handling, work position, repetitive movements or work intensity etc. that can cause injury or illness.
Work sites and equipment shall also be designed and placed in such a way as to reduce the risk of mistakes that may be significant to safety.
Workplaces shall provide for the possibility of individual work positions.
When carrying out work operations from their normal work station and using a good working position, employees shall have a view that allows them to make sure the work can be carried out safely.
Section last changed: 01 January 2011

As regards ergonomic design, reference is also made to the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority's guidelines regarding organisation and arrangement of work – guidelines for Sections 4-1 through 4-4 of the Working Environment Act.
To fulfil the requirements for design, the ISO 6385 standard should be used. In addition, there should be
  1. easy and safe access for operation, inspection, reading and maintenance,
  2. possibility to operate outdoor handles, switches, etc. wearing gloves.
As regards monitor workstations, see Sections 21 and 48 of these regulations.