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§ 21 Human-machine interface and information presentation

Monitor-based equipment and other technical equipment for monitoring, controlling and running machines, installations or production processes, shall be designed so as to reduce the risk of mistakes that can be significant to safety.
Information transmitters and operating devices shall be designed, placed and grouped to allow for simple and quick receipt of necessary information and implementation of necessary actions. The presented information shall be correct and easily understandable.
Information systems shall be designed for both normal and critical situations.
The control room shall be placed, designed and outfitted so that safety and working environment are prudent and the risk of mistakes of significance for safety is reduced.
Section last changed: 01 January 2014

During design as mentioned in the first subsection, an analysis of the human-machine interface, including necessary task and function analyses, should be carried out. For such analyses, Part 2 of the NS-EN 614 standard should be used.
The NS-EN ISO 11064 standard should be used for design of the central control room.
For the design of alarm systems, refer to Section 33a.