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The Working Environment Regulations

The Regulations for the Working Environment Act are laid down by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and enforced by the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority and the Norwegian Ocean Industry Authority in their respective jurisdictions.

The requirements in the working environment regulations must be fulfilled as an integral part of the requirements in the broader regulatory framework for health, safety and the environment within the petroleum activities.

The following working environment regulations came into force on 1 January 2013:

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Regulations concerning Organisation, Management and Employee Participation

The regulations set out requirements for employee participation, risk assessment, training, information, planning and facilitation of the work, both before an activity begins and while it is in progress.

Regulations concerning the design and layout of workplaces and work premises (the Workplace Regulations)

The regulations set out requirements for the design and layout of the workplace. The regulations are relevant for most businesses – including the landlords of work premises – and also contain provisions for particular risk areas.

Regulations concerning administrative arrangements within the area of application of the Working Environment Act (Regulations concerning Administrative Arrangements)

The regulations apply to the exercise of public authority and administrative arrangements in connection with occupational health services, regional safety representatives, safety training and enterprises of competence. 

Regulations concerning action and limit values for physical and chemical agents in the working environment and classified biological agents (Regulations concerning Action and Limit values)

The regulations set out occupational requirements for noise, vibration, radiation and chemicals.

Applicable administrative norms for pollutants in the working atmosphere have now been annexed to the regulations. The regulations include a list of classified biological agents (infection risk groups). The values are given in an annex to the regulations.

Regulations concerning the performance of work, use of work equipment and related technical requirements (Regulations concerning the Performance of Work)

Regulations concerning the construction, design and production of work equipment and chemicals (The Producer Responsibility Regulations)

The regulations apply to anyone who produces, imports, markets, etc. products covered by the regulations, but they are not addressed to employers.