On commission from the PSA, Unitech has completed a knowledge development project to obtain a broader foundation for evaluating power from onshore against traditional solutions. The purpose of the report is to provide a comprehensive overview of selected operators’ experience of external power supply to facilities.

The report has been prepared on the basis of documentation submitted by four operators of facilities that have power supplies from onshore or from another facility.

In addition, four full-day workshops were held with the operators, in which experiences of external power supply were reviewed systematically and compared with traditional solutions using a dedicated onboard power station.


Unitech’s main conclusion is that there are a number of positive effects of using power from onshore or from another facility:

  • The facility is lighter in weight.
  • Lower maintenance requirement.
  • Fewer personnel required on board.
  • Improved physical working environment.
  • Reduced risk of gas leaks and fires.
  • Simpler and faster completion in the project phase.
  • Simpler removal.

We will be elaborating on the report’s conclusions in the time ahead.

The report is available in Norwegian only.